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In the country, traveled a thief--someone that was not innocent. The thief found a baker's bread, and finding it delicious, stole the baker's oven. Fleeing, the thief brought it to the filthy city and began distribution of the baker's wondrous bread. Excepting the baker, the masses loved the bread, and its effects spread through the area providing a healthy glean to the population's faces but there was also disruption. Now, there existed a joker, who entertained those that waited on the long lines for the thief's bread. They would laugh, mezmerized by his performance. Smoke billowed out from the joker's magic, obscuring the baker who had now turned beggar from the front of the line. One day, bread production stopped, and the thief,now famous, wandered aimlessly out of the bread factory, eventually returning to the old bakery. Suddenly, he recognized the baker, and rushed up imploring, "Let me share with you my plenty." The baker replied, "I've been waiting too long. Where have you been?" The baker died tragically then, unjustly and unloved. At that, the thief laughed sadly, soliloquoying, "After all, what could I have done?"

Linear Translation

pronunciation: /ɨ/

(a) not innocent person
(owned by) another person's [owner/baker]
[bread]/[bread oven] [goods]
[brought it] [fled to]
[obfuscating] [dirty] city
excepting (the baker) [lacking]
(to the) [masses]
(it) spread [both good (7) and bad (9)]
apparent beauty
(there was) existed [gibt es] [reflexive of a kind]
production [stopped]
famous (thief)
[returned] [walked aimlessly, serendipitously]
suddenly [witnessed]
said/implored "let me give (to you)
(with) plenty"
(baker) replied
(I've been) waiting [too long]
Where/What have you been/done
died unjustly and unloved
(thief) laughed [at the folly]
soliloquoying (to itself)
what could I have done?